10 K-Pop Idols Who Have Participated In The ZICO ‘Any song’ Challenge

zico, chungha, victon byungchan, byungchan, zico anysong

ZICO Instagram Screenshot / VICTON’s ByungChan Instagram Screenshot

Have you listened to ZICO ‘s latest title track ‘Any song’? Well, there is a challenge going on recently and if you did not already know about it, it is time for you to find out more!

Known as the ‘Any song’ challenge, many K-Pop idols were dancing along with the song with simple movements and dance steps. Many are participating in it and we have compiled those who were spotted doing the challenge as of Jan. 17, 2 pm KST.


#1 ChungHa


#2 MAMAMOO ‘s HwaSa 


#3 WINNER ‘s Mino


#4-5 AB6IX ‘s DaeHwi & Woong


#6 VICTON ‘s ByungChan 


#7 Tiffany Young


#8 Block B ‘s U Kwon


#9 Girls Day‘s SoJin


#10 DaeHyeon