10 K-Pop Tracks Released For Free In 2019 That You Should Have A Listen

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2019 is a blessed year for many K-Pop fans as their favorite K-Pop idols have released free tracks especially just for them!

Most of the time, songs produced or written by K-Pop idols are released through online platform, Soundcloud. Anyone can easily download the application and listen to the music uploaded by their favorite K-Pop idols.

Before we get any longer, let’s check out what some of the songs released by K-Pop idols that you should definitely give it a listen.


#1 BTS ‘s V ‘Winter Bear’

BTS’s V released ‘Winter Bear’ as a tribute to his grandmother’s 3rd anniversary of her passing and ARMY also added to the celebration to 1000 days since the creation of the term ‘I Purple You’.

Not only did he release the track on Soundcloud, he had also released a self-directed music video. You can take a look here.


#2 BTS’s Jin ‘This Night’

During BTS’s 6th anniversary and as part of their tradition during BTS FESTA, member Jin had released a song which can be translated as ‘This Night’.

The track talks about his love for his pets which had unfortunately passed away and how he missed them. Since then, many ARMY realized the love and respect he has especially for animals.


#3 MONSTA X ‘s MinHyuk & JooHoney ‘OngShimYi’

Looking for a song that will definitely brighten your day and mood? You should definitely check out the two idols from MONSTA X that will bring you laughter when you watch their creative and quirky music video.

‘OngShimYi’ is part of the trot genre and can be quite different from the usual K-Pop style that you might be used to.


#4 PENTAGON ‘s Kino ‘La Di Da’

‘La Di Da’ by Kino is a light and fun-filled track that is especially suitable for the Summer night. Just like the lyrics, he talked about the love and dream that bloom in the night of the Summer.

Make sure you give it a listen!


#5 VICTON ‘s HanSe ‘Home Sweet Home’

This has to be one of the most emotional tracks written by member HanSe. Many might have already known that their leader SeungWoo had temporarily left the group for X1 and the song talks about how HanSe sees VICTON always a place like home.


#6 GOT7 ‘s JB ‘RING’

‘RING’ is a soulful R&B track that describes how a person keeps appearing in one’s mind and the effort to not think about the person.

Many fans love this song as it will get you swaying side by side without knowing!


#7 GOT7’s YuGyeom ‘YOU’

Through ‘YOU’, YuGyeom has bound to make tons of his fans feel giddy in the head thanks to his sweet and heart fluttering lyrics of this song. It talks about his effort in trying to make the person his girl and how he will try to woo after her.

This song is definitely a good choice especially when you are feeling in love!


#8 SF9 ‘s ZuHo ‘Attic’

For the first part of the song, you will not exactly be hearing ZuHo’s voice but rather a female singer, Sogumm. The combination between the two of them are perfect and even more so if you take a deeper look into the meaning behind the song.

ZuHo shared that everyone has problems, worries and things that they care. However, those might be not easily spoken off and asked his fans to find a place that belongs to them and gives them happiness. To him, it is an ‘attic’.


#9 N.Flying  ‘s Lee SeungHyub ‘STARLIGHT’

The leader of N.Flying, Lee SeungHyub had released the song ‘STARLIGHT’ not long ago. He shared through N.Flying’s official Twitter account that his grandfather had recently passed away and wrote the song while thinking about his grandmother.

Fans who had listened to the song could not help but talked about how touching the lyrics are as well as mentioned that the message of missing one person was clearly conveyed.


#10 ASTRO  ‘s Rocky ‘When The Wind Blows (Guide)’

Did you know that member Rocky had sung the guide for ASTRO’s B track ‘When The Wind Blows’? The young idol had happily shared the track with his fans and even uploaded the link onto his official Instagram account.

Many were impressed by how he was able to hit the high notes and produce such a smooth voice too.