10 Most Talked About Actors On 4th Week Of April

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On Apr. 30, Good Data Corporation released their weekly ranking of the most talked about actors/actresses of the airing dramas for the fourth week of April.

The data are collected from the netizen’s reactions to online news, community, Social Media and videos.

1- “Her Private Life“ – Park MinYoung

2- “Her Private Life“ – Kim JaeWook

3- Mung Bean Flower“ – Jo JungSuk

4- “Mung Bean Flower“ – Yoon ShiYoon

5- “Special Labor Inspector Jo” – Kim DongWook

6- “Doctor Prisoner” – NamGoong Min

7- “Mung Bean Flower“ – Han YeRi

8- “Confession” – 2PM’s JunHo

9- “Doctor Prisoner” – Choi WonYoung

10- “My Fellow Citizens“ – Super Junior’s SiWon

Good Data Corporation

This week the main actors of “Her Private Life” took the top ranks. “Mung Bean Flower” started and the drama has received much attention. Its three mains actors entered the ranking at the 3rd, 4th, and 7th rank. JunHo climbed ranks and appeared in the top 10 again. SiWon dropped to the 10th rank.

You can check the 3rd week of April ranking here.