10 Most Talked About Actors On 4th Week Of June

most talked about actors

On July 1, Good Data Corporation released their weekly ranking of the most talked about actors/actresses of the airing dramas for the fourth week of June.

The data are collected from the netizen’s reactions to online news, community, Social Media and videos.

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1- “One Spring Night“ – Han JiMin

2- “One Spring Night“ – Jung HaeIn

3- “Arthdal Chronicles” – Song JoongKi

4- “Search: WWW“ – Im SooJung

5- “The Wind Blows” – Kim HaNeul

6- “The Wind Blows” – Kam WooSung

7- “Arthdal Chronicles” – Kim JiWon

8- “Voice 3” – Lee JinWook

9- “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” – Shin HyeSun

10- “Search: WWW“ – Lee DaHee

most talked about actors

Good Data Corporation

This week Han JiMin climbed to the top again. On the second rank is his co-lead Jung HaeIn.

Song JoongKi stayed at the 3rd rank. From “Arthdal Chronicles”, Kim JiWon joined the ranking at the 7th rank.

“Search: WWW”’s lead actress Im SooJung stayed at the 4th rank. From the same drama, Lee DaHee climbed and ranked 10th.

“The Wind Blows” is also a popular drama and the lead couple stayed at the 5 and 6th ranked.

Lee JinWook from “Voice 3” climbed to the 8th rank. Shin HyeSun with Angel’s Last Mission: Love” dropped of 2 ranks.

You can check the third week of June ranking here.


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