10 Most Talked About Airing Dramas On 1st Week Of April

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On Apr. 8, Good Data Corporation released their weekly ranking of the most talked about airing dramas for the first week of April.

The data are collected from the netizen’s reactions to online news, community, Social Media and videos.

1- “The Fiery Priest”

2- “My Fellow Citizens

3- “Beautiful World

4- “Doctor Prisoner”

5- “Welcome to Waikiki 2“

6- “Her Private Life“

7- “He is Psychometric”

8- “Confession”

9- “The Banker”

10- “Mother of Mine”

Good Data Corporation

“My Fellow Citizens”, “Beautiful World“, and “Her Private Life” entered the rankings this week. “Her Private Life” started to air only in the second week of April. Many showed interest in the drama before it starts. “The Fiery Priest” kept its first place.

You can check the 4th week of March ranking here.