10 Most Talked About Airing TV Shows On 2nd Week Of April

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On Apr. 15, Good Data Corporation released their weekly ranking of the most talked about TV shows for the second week of April.

The data are collected from the netizen’s reactions to online news, community, Social Media and videos.

1- “Miss Trot”

2- “High School Rapper” Season 3

3- “Radio Star”

4- “I Live Alone”

5- “Happy Together”

6- “My Little Television” Season 2

7- “The Return of Superman”

8- “Weekly Idol”

9- “Great Escape 2”

10- “Baek JongWon’s Alley Restaurant”

Good Data Corporation

EXO‘s Chen was a guest in “Radio Star” and the show ranked 3rd. IZ*ONE guest on “Weekly Idol” and the show ranked 8th. MONSTA X‘s ShowNu and IZ*ONE‘s YuJin are part of “My Little Television” Season 2.

You can check the ranking for the first week of April here.