12 Year Old Lee Re is the Actress Scene Stealer of Memories of Alhambra


You win some, you lose some, and K-actress Park Shin Hye herself was a child actress who got acclaim for being more memorable than her adult counterparts when she first started out. It’s not her fault she was saddled with two plot device characters in Memories of Alhambra but I also felt her acting just didn’t elevate the wafer thing personality to something more meaningful, pun intended. On the other hand 12 year old child actress Lee Re playing the younger sister Min Joo has been getting tons of exposure for her sassy role and great chemistry with ahjusshi Jin Woo. I just realized that is Memories went the Leon (The Professional) route and cut out Park Shin Hye’s Hee Joo and made Min Joo the female lead it would work even better. Hyun Bin‘s Jin Woo doesn’t need romantic love as much as he needs believe in him, trust, and emotional support. He could get that from Min Joo who also gives him plenty of verbal crap to keep him on his toes as they search for missing Se Joo together in an uncle-niece platonic way. No matter what, Lee Re is on the radar thanks to Memories.