14 Reasons Why We Are Missing WonHo

wonho, wonho monsta x, wonho missing

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It has been 4 weeks, but I still remember the moment when I heard the news of WonHo leaving MONSTA X . It was near the end of the afternoon, I was halfway through my article in the office when my colleague told me we received the notice from Starship. I had to ask her to repeat 3 times and had to check for myself. It was confirmed. My head went blank and my heart dropped. Now, almost one month passed but it is still hard to believe it.

I am sure that I would not be the only one who feels this way so I have decided to compile the reasons why I am missing WonHo.

wonho, wonho monsta x, wonho missing


The first time, I saw him was in the TV show “Right Now” and he caught my attention with his signature “I want to eat Ramyun” and when he was crying his eyes out on the top of the bungee jump tower saying “I am sorry Mom”. A few times later, I entered the fandom during ‘Hero’ times and got the chance to see WonHo at two concerts and an interview.

wonho, wonho monsta x, wonho missing


Since his debut, WonHo has matured and improved his skills comeback after comeback. He proved to be an amazing performer, a talented producer, crazy in love for MONBEBE and a sensible man who transmits a happy virus.

Each MONBEBE would have their own reasons why they like WonHo and why they are missing him. Here is why I am missing WonHo (in no particular order).


1- Bright smile and contagious laughter

One of the reasons why I started to gain interest in WonHo was his bright smile and contagious laughter. If he laughs then I would want to laugh too. WonHo has this power of making people happy.

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2- WonHo’s songs

In MONSTA X, WonHo (along with mainly JooHoney and I.M) actively participates in writing and/or composing and/or producing addictive songs. He wrote a lot of them with ‘I Do Love U’, ‘From Zero’, ‘If Only’, ‘Oi’, ‘Spotlight’, ‘Heart Attack’, ‘Mirror’, etc. On V-Live, a while back, he showed his work at his studio and explained how he wrote/composed it.

I am especially in love with ‘I Do Love U’ with the original concert unit (WonHo, MinHyuk, and KiHyun). The cute boyfriend look suits them perfectly in the special MV.


3- Long and original V-Live

I truly believe WonHo has this special thing that makes his V-Live interesting. Doing long V-Live is one of his expertise. It is not easy to do a 3 hours broadcast but WonHo always manages to have entertaining live broadcast and regularly visits the app to communicate with fans.

You would remember the time when he was in his bed with dim light in the dorms speaking with MONBEBE while holding Bebegom.


4- Powerful stage

WonHo’s stage presence is just captivating. With his charisma, eyes, and dances, he easily catches attention. His stages had at numerous times became an issue online with special outfits or makeup.


5- Fashion

What I also like about WonHo is his unique fashion which breaks trends. Either on stage, at the airport or in daily life, his fashion is always interesting. WonHo also participates in his outfits and always comes up with something new to surprise us.

wonho, wonho monsta x, wonho missing

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6- Vocals

I am also missing WonHo’s voice. Even if other members are singing his part, it does not feel the same.


7- Openly LGBT supporter

Another of one of the main reasons why I love WonHo is because he is openly supporting LGBT community and that since debut. In Korea, it is really not easy -especially for an idol with few years since debut- to be that openly supportive.

There are various instances of it. One of the most recent moments was in V-Live when he and JooHoney advised a fan who shared his concern about not being supported by their parents. His words were wise and heartfelt.

Watch it again below.


8- Love for MONBEBE

One of the undeniable reasons why MONBEBEs is missing WonHo is because of his endless love for us.

Every time he meets MONBEBE, WonHo shows that he is the ‘protector of MONBEBE’ and is always worrying for us.

You will remember the time when members refused fans to kneel down and asked for chairs. WonHo wiped the wet chair directly with his jacket for MONBEBE.

wonho, wonho monsta x, wonho missing

The special one


9- Dual pictures

WonHo (on Twitter and Fancafe) posts a lot of boyfriend material pics with dual charms. It is hard to imagine being without his updates.

wonho, wonho monsta x, wonho missing

MONSTA X Official


10- Passion for sports

WonHo is passionate about sports and never misses a moment to talk about it. He is also the one that builds the gym in the dorms. Thanks to this he managed to bulk up an amazing body and gained a lot of fanboys among hoobaes.

wonho, wonho monsta x, wonho missing

Starship Entertainment

I am already missing him talking about how he exercises and showing them to us during V-Live.


11- Hilariously breaking stuff and needs to be helped

Yes, WonHo is charismatic and manly but he is also clumsy and a baby. WonHo is one of the members that cry the most easily as he is very sensitive. He is also one of the members that needs support and helps for other members making him even more likable.

He easily breaks stuff. I am still laughing at the time he broke their first trophy during ‘Shoot Out’.


12- Love for food

WonHo loves sports but he loves to eat too. He is always often seen eating on V-Live and I am missing this content.

Here is an old GIF to remember his love for ramyun.

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13- WonHee

WonHo is also WonHee, the prettiest woman of the village. We are also missing this lovely girl.

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14- HyungWonHo

WonHo loves the members and the members love WonHo … but HyunWonHo is my favorite. Hard to think that we might never be able to witness their special interactions.


Thinking that we might not be able to see him any longer is hard to accept. WonHo, ‘See You Again’.