2 Best Romantic Scenes Of K-Dramas Not To Be Missed This Week | Kpopmap


Have you been watching dramas these days? If not, you are missing many great scenes! If you like romance, this weekly Kpopmap series is for you as we gather the most heart-fluttering scenes in one place.

Be aware of major spoilers from episodes that aired this week. 

The following scenes are the most romantic scenes to not have missed this week. Let us know in the comment what was for your the scenes to not have missed.


1- “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”

Kim SooHyun and Seo YeJi (Seo YeaJi) as Moon KangTae and Ko MunYoung

Seo YeJi was having a troubled night with nightmares keeping her awake and scared in her ghosty mansion.


When she woke up trembling in fear, she remembered Kim SooHyun’s advice: “When you can’t control yourself, cross your arms like this and take turns tapping on each shoulder like this”.

This is when she saw Kim SooHyun (in her imaginary), touching her cheeks in attempts to calm her down and reassure her. In a whisper, he said “Don’t cry” with a loving gaze.

Alone in her bedroom, Seo YeJi tried to calm herself using Kim SooHyun’s method and imagining him back hugging her.


2- “Backstreet Rookie”

Ji ChangWook and Kim YooJung as Choi DaeHyun and Jung SaetByul

Kim YooJung is working at Ji ChangWook’s convenience store. She became the employee of the month because she sold the most. To celebrate it, Ji ChangWook prepared a bouquet of flowers.

Teasing him, if that was all, she asked for a piggyback. At first, he refused but in the end, he accepted for “only 3 seconds” but of course, she did not want to get off.

She kept hanging tight on his back as he was trying to make her get off.