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On June 29, you might have noticed that two female K-Pop artists had made their solo comeback!

They are none other than MAMAMOO
‘s HwaSa and SunMi

Both of them have been making an impact in the K-Pop industry and the two had also returned with music that portrayed their own unique style. Take a look at their music videos below if you have yet to do so!

HwaSa had returned with a rather dark yet comforting song. ‘Maria’ is a track which HwaSa had written the lyrics and showed herself the love and affection. It has the meaning of telling her fans that it is alright to fall down and also the time to get up and take the steps for themselves.

It was reported on June 30 that ‘Maria’ had topped various Korean music streaming sites such as 1st on Genie Music, 2nd on Melon Music and 3rd on Bugs.

SunMi is back with an aesthetic music video with beautiful and amazing scenes. Her song ‘pporappippam’ talks about love that stimulates imagination. The singer was able to write her dreamy short stories about her ideal love through the track. It is also a city pop genre song that describes all the aspects of love which can be both hot and sentimental at the same time.

‘pporappippam’ is also ranked high on various music charts, proving her never ending popularity.

It looked like the two female artists are making an influence and slowing changing the stance towards solo artists in K-Pop.

Are you loving the comebacks of both HwaSa and SunMi?