2018 is the Year Cable K-dramas Fully Surpassed Big Three in Top Ten Lists and Comparative Ratings


Success takes hard work and 2018 saw the first time that cable K-dramas fully dominated the landscape over Big Three network dramas, in both critical top 10 lists and comparative adjusted ratings. After nearly a decade of concerted effort to focus on K-drama quality production, the cable networks tvN, jTBC, and OCN have much to be proud of this year with massive hits including Mr. Sunshine and Sky Castle as well as breaking their own network ratings records. Other critically acclaimed offerings include My Ahjusshi, Mother, Voice 2, The Guest, Miss Hammurabi, with popular fluffy dramas such as Why Secretary Kim and 100 Days My Prince providing a taste for every viewer. The only notable prime time drama to speak of in 2018 were Return and currently An Empress’s Dignity but both are flawed with either controversy or a ridiculous storyline that people are watching for the crazy factor. I don’t see a turnaround in sight for the Big Three networks and frankly as a viewer I don’t care as long as the cable networks continue their streak of producing great K-dramas.