2019 Baeksang Arts Awards: ‘Sky Castle,’ ‘Mr. Sunshine’ get 9 nominations each


The 2019 Baeksang Arts Awards announced today the nominees for its 14 accolades in the television category. JTBC’s Sky Castle and tvN’s Mr. Sunshine boast the highest number of nominations received this year, with nine (9) each. 44 actors and production team members representing a total of 17 Korean dramas that were broadcast in the last 12 months were nominated.

Sky Castle and Mr. Sunshine are vying for the Best Drama prize along with tvN’s My Ajusshi, JTBC’s The Light In Your Eyes, and MBC’s Children of NobodyMeanwhile, the screenwriters of these five dramas have been nominated to win the Best Screenwriter/Screenplay award. With the directors of all of these shows, except for Children of Nobody, also competing with each other to be recognized Best Director, there is no doubt that cable dramas dominate this year’s set of nominees.

Now on its 55th year, Baeksang Arts Awards is a prestigious annual award ceremony dubbed as South Korea’s Golden Globe Awards. It recognizes excellent Korean films and television shows as well as the people who worked on them. It was established in 1965 by Chang Ki-young, the founder of the Korean-language daily newspaper Hankook Ilbo.

This year’s awarding ceremony will take place on May 1, 2019, at the COEX Convention & Exhibition Center in Seoul. Just like last year, it will be broadcast live on JTBC and hosted by Shin Dong-yup, Suzy, and Park Bo-gum.

Here is the complete list of nominees:

Best Drama (Last Year’s Winner: tvN’s Mother)

  • My Ajusshi (tvN)
  • The Light In Your Eyes (JTBC)
  • Mr. Sunshine (tvN)
  • Children of Nobody (MBC)
  • SKY Castle (JTBC)

Best Director (Last Year’s Winner: Kim Yoon-chul of Woman of Dignity)

  • Kim Suk-yoon – JTBC’s The Light In Your Eyes
  • Kim Won-suk – tvN’s My Ajusshi
  • Ahn Gil-ho – tvN’s Memories of the Alhambra
  • Lee Eung-bok – tvN’s Mr. Sunshine
  • Jo Hyun-tak – JTBC’s SKY Castle

Best Screenwriter (Last Year’s Winner: Lee Soo-yeon of Secret Forest)

  • Kim Soo-jin & Lee Nam-gyu – JTBC’s The Light In Your Eyes
  • Kim Eun-sook – tvN’s Mr. Sunshine
  • Do Hyun-jung – MBC’s Children of Nobody
  • Park Hae-young – tvN’s My Ajusshi
  • Yoo Hyun-mi – JTBC’s SKY Castle

Best Actor (Last Year’s Winner: Cho Seung-woo of Secret Forest)

  • Kim Nam-gil – SBS’s The Fiery Priest
  • Yeo Jin-goo – tvN’s The Crowned Clown
  • Lee Byung-hun – tvN’s Mr. Sunshine
  • Lee Sun-gyun – tvN’s My Ajusshi
  • Hyun Bin – tvN’s Memories of the Alhambra

Best Actress (Last Year’s Winner: Kim Nam-joo of Misty)

  • Kim Seo-hyung – JTBC’s SKY Castle
  • Kim Tae-ri – tvN’s Mr. Sunshine
  • Kim Hye-ja – JTBC’s The Light In Your Eyes
  • Yeom Jung-ah – JTBC’s SKY Castle
  • IU – tvN’s My Ajusshi

Best Supporting Actor (Last Year’s Winner: Park Ho-san of Prison Playbook)

  • Kim Byung-chul – JTBC’s SKY Castle
  • Kim Sang-kyung – tvN’s The Crowned Clown
  • Bae Sung-woo – tvN’s Live
  • Son Ho-jun – JTBC’s The Light In Your Eyes
  • Yoo Yeon-suk – tvN’s Mr. Sunshine

Best Supporting Actress (Last Year’s Winner: Ye Ji-won of Should We Kiss First)

  • Kim Min-jung – tvN’s Mr. Sunshine
  • Oh Na-aa – tvN’s My Ajusshi
  • Yoon Se-ah – JTBC’s SKY Castle
  • Lee Da-hee – JTBC’s The Beauty Inside
  • Lee Jung-eun – JTBC’s The Light In Your Eyes

Best New Actor (Last Year’s Winner: Yang Se-jong of Temperature of Love)

  • Park Sung-hoon – KBS2’s My Only One
  • Park Hoon – tvN’s Memories of the Alhambra
  • Son Seok-gu – KBS2’s Matrimonial Chaos
  • Wi Ha-joon – tvN’s Romance Is A Bonus Book
  • Jang Ki-yong – MBC’s Come and Hug Me

Best New Actress (Last Year’s Winner: Heo Yool of Mother)

  • Nara – tvN’s My Ajusshi
  • Kim Hye-yoon – JTBC’s SKY Castle
  • Park Se-wan – KBS2’s Just Dance
  • Seol In-ah – KBS1’s Sunny Again Tomorrow
  • Lee Seol – MBC’s Less Than Evil

Technical Award (Last Year’s Winner: Choi Sung-woo of Journey On Foot)

  • Kim So-yeon, art – tvN’s Mr. Sunshine
  • Kim Yong & Jeon Joon-woo, filming – EBS’s May, The Origins of Civilization
  • Park Sung-jin, special effects – tvN’s Memories of the Alhambra
  • Oh Jae-ho, filming – JTBC’s SKY Castle
  • Lee Yong-seob, special effects – tvN’s Mr. Sunshine

Best Variety Show (Last Year’s Winner: Hyori’s Homestay)

  • Baek Jong Won’s Alley Restaurant (SBS)
  • I Live Alone (MBC)
  • Welcome, First Time in Korea (MBC)
  • The Manager (MBC)
  • Comedy Big League (tvN)

Best Educational Show (Last Year’s Winner: Dance Sports Girls)

  • Feast on the Road (KBS1)
  • Spotlight – 5.18 Secret Agent (JTBC)
  • Journalism Talk Show J (KBS1)
  • Seoul Olympics 30-Year Anniversary Special Documentary 88/18 (KBS1)
  • PD Notebook – The Late Jang Ja Yeon (MBC)

Best Male Entertainer (Last Year’s Winner: Seo Jang-hoon of Knowing Bros & Same Bed, Different Dreams 2)

  • Moon Se-yoon – ComedyTV’s Tasty Guys
  • Shin Dong-yup – SBS’s My Ugly Duckling
  • Yang Se-hyung – SBS’s Master in the House
  • Yoo Byung-jae – MBC’s The Manager
  • Jun Hyun-moo – MBC’s I Live Alone

Best Female Entertainer (Last Year’s Winner: Song Eun-i of Omniscient Interfering View)

  • Kim Min-kyung – ComedyTV’s “Tasty Guys”
  • Kim Sook – O’live’s Food Bless You
  • Park Na-rae – MBC’s I Live Alone
  • Lee Young-ja – MBC’s The Manager
  • Jang Do-yeon – tvN’s Comedy Big League

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