3 Actors That Have Perfect Opposite Warm And Cold Image

woo dohwan, woo dohwan actor


Among actors, there are some that have perfect opposite images. In one project, they would look cold, dark, and mysterious and in another one, they would look sweet and innocent.

Acting skills and makeup are important indeed but there are actors that have vibes that permit them to easily show opposite charms.

Here are 3 actors that show drastic different vibes. Let us know in the comments who do you think suits the cold and warm image the best.


1- Woo DoHwan

woo dohwan, woo dohwan actor


Woo DoHwan has impeccable acting skills. He impressed with various roles and characters. The actor knows how to bring chills to the viewers with his dark character but also how to steal viewers’ hearts with his sweet and kind vibes.


2- Lee JaeWook

lee jaewook, lee jaewook actor

MBC / VAST Entertainment

Lee JaeWook acted in only 3 dramas but many have been talking about the very different images he can give. From cold to warm characters, Lee JaeWook can manage them all. Many are looking forward to the actor’s future activities.


3- JiSoo

jisoo, jisoo actor,

“Bad Guys 2” / Prain TPC

JiSoo did not act numerous dark and mysterious roles but when he did in the movie “Bad Guys 2”, he impressed with the significant change. He for sure has these dark and bright vibes.