3 K-Pop Facts That Are Hard To Believe They Happened By Just Coincidence

tiffany jessica


A coincidence?

Some of the popular K-Pop idols that we know today have had insane connections to other idols, long before they were famous. Statistically speaking, some of these coincidences are downright unbelievable that there’s no other way to explain them except that they all happened by chance.

You can check them out below!


Girls’ Generation Tiffany & Jessica Were Born In The Same Hospital In The Same Year

Two future stars were born in the same hospital. Things can’t get more crazier than this as Tiffany and Jessica were both born in the same hospital in San Francisco in 1989. And they both went on to become K-Pop idols in the same group later on. Fate?

jessica tiffany



ChenLe & JiSung Appeared In The Same TV Show When They Were Kids

Both NCT members appeared in International Children’s Concert when they were kids. What’s crazier is that they were in a photograph together as well. And both ended up in NCT.

jisung chenle



Jo YuRi & YooJung Were Considered To Be Each Other’s Dopplegangers,Both Finished In The Same Place In ‘Produce 101’

These idols look like each other so much that everyone thought they were each others’ doppelganger. They also finished in the same place during the ‘Produce 101’ competition. YuRi finished third during the third season whereas YooJung finished third in the first season.

yuri yoojung