3 New Events Added To 2019 Idol Star Athletics Championships

isac 2019

It’s already been ten years since Idol Star Athletics Championships have been around and in celebration of their tenth anniversary, three new events have been added to the competition.

According to the producer:

“New events such as Player Unknowns’s Battle Grounds and horse riding have been included in this year’s ISAC Chuseok Special. Events such as horse riding will require appropriate venues to take place in so the filming will take place in different times and locations, not at the Goyang Stadium on August 12th.

Only idols with experience in horse riding have submitted their applications for the event, and the Korea Racing Authority are currently making sure that the applicants are qualified. If the idols are deemed well trained enough to compete, we will proceed and include the event. The level of the race will be that of amateurs and not professionals. Idols will not be horse back riding and jumping over obstacles nor will the horses be galloping. We will observe the teamwork that they exhibit with their horses at a walking pace. Should any difficulties come about, we will halt the filming. Of course, there are also concerns related to possible injuries,

We only received applications for equestrian from idols with experience, and those idols are currently being tested by the Korea Racing Authority. We will proceed with the competition if the test results show they are fit to compete. The race will be of an amateur level, not for professionals. The idols and the horses will not be galloping or jumping over obstacles. We will look at the teamwork they have with their horses, at a walking pace. There is a chance that we will halt filming if difficulties occur. And because there are also concerns over possible injuries as well, we will also be preparing in advance to prevent any injuries from happening.”

And as for the third event, it will be “spacing out”. Yes, as strange as that may sound, there will actually be an event to see which idols are the best at spacing out.

Stay tuned for updates!