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will be making a comeback with their 4th mini album “FACE YOU” on July 1.

Thanks to their appearance on Mnet “Road To Kingdom”, the group has been receiving lots of attention from K-Pop lovers and it looks like there are gaining more and more fans everyday!

With that being said, their comeback with “FACE YOU” is causing excitement among their fans. Below are also 3 points why you should look forward to their comeback!



The upcoming 4th mini album “FACE YOU” is the 2nd episode of their story from “FACE it”. It talks about the connection between two people and how they are able to heal through the connection. Through the previously revealed official photos, the chains as well as tattoos can be seen as the connection.

 3 Reasons To Look Forward To VERIVERY's Comeback With


Their title track ‘Thunder’ also describes the process of confrontation between two people while hesitating to face the surging anxiety. Eventually, they will be able to overcome it with ‘Thunder’, adding on to the storytelling of VERIVERY.


#2 Synchronized dancing

Of course, we are not going to miss out on VERIVERY’s synchronized dancing! It is expected as usual that the boys will be able to impress their fans once again with their sharp and powerful dancing.

 3 Reasons To Look Forward To VERIVERY's Comeback With

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Since their impressive stages on “Road To Kingdom”, many have been looking forward to their comeback as well as amazing dancing skills.


#3 Movie music video for ‘Thunder’

If you had checked out the music video teaser for ‘Thunder’, you would definitely notice how VERIVERY is going to develop their story from before. YeonHo looked as if he was searching for someone and also, KangMin was seen sitting alone in a classroom. The short clip had definitely gave off a short suspense, earning the curiosity from their fans.

Once again, it looks like many will be able to have a great time watching the music video as they had put in various elements and open interpretations. The story line for ‘Thunder’ is going to connect from their previous music videos.

“FACE YOU” will be released on July 1, 6 PM KST.