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Weki Meki
will be making their comeback with their 3rd mini album “HIDE and SEEK” and title track ‘OOPSY’ on June 18.

If you have yet to check out their music video teaser clips, you should check it out below.

Below are also 3 reasons you should check out their comeback!


#1 From ‘Teen Crush’ to ‘Girl Spirit’!

When Weki Meki had first debuted, they went for the ‘Teen Crush’ image and represented those who are still in their teens. Since then they had released songs such as ‘La La La’, ‘Crush’ and so on which highlighted the teen images.

 3 Reasons Why You Should Check Out Weki Meki's Comeback With 'OOPSY'


With this comeback, Weki Meki is bound to transform and give off a variety of ‘Girl Spirit’. Through the promotion, Weki Meki will be showing off how much they had grown and transformed. They will be filled with energy and a new side which fans had yet to see!


#2 A new transformation

Through “HIDE and SEEK”, fans would be able to see the charisma of Weki Meki which were originally ‘trapped’ in the members. Based on the comeback, Weki Meki has two different photo concepts, one being ‘HIDE’ and another one being ‘SEEK’.

 3 Reasons Why You Should Check Out Weki Meki's Comeback With 'OOPSY'


 3 Reasons Why You Should Check Out Weki Meki's Comeback With 'OOPSY'


In the ‘HIDE’ concept, it is romantic and the girls are dressed in a glamorous one piece which allowed them to have an alluring atmosphere. On the other hand, there are feather masks and chandelier in ‘SEEK’ concept, suggesting the fantasy and mysterious vibe they are going for.


#3 Addictive tune and encounter of performance queen 

Weki Meki is all along known for their addictive title tracks and interesting choreography. Once again, they will not disappoint their fans with the return of ‘OOPSY’.

It is said that ‘OOPSY’ has a strong and addictive beats, suggesting that many will be hooked onto the track once it is released.

In addition, Weki Meki will also be returning with a strong performance, showing off what they have as a group. Many can look forward to their synchronized dance and amazing stage presence.

Weki Meki will be holding their comeback stage on Mnet “Mcountdown” on June 18, 6 PM KST.

Are you looking forward to their comeback?