4 Dramas Where Lee SooHyuk Proved His Unique Vibes In Different Roles | Kpopmap



Lee SooHyuk is back on the drama scene after completing his military service. Fans are looking forward to his new drama “Born Again” starring Jang KiYong and Jin SeYeon.

It is hard to deny that Lee SooHyuk has unique vibes that made him special among K-Drama actors. He has this special charisma and voice that made him recognizable.

Lee SooHyuk first debuted as a model and built his acting careers with numerous dramas including “Deep Rooted Tree” (2011), “High School King of Savvy” (2014), “The Scholar Who Walks the Night” (2015), “Lucky Romance” (2016) and “Sweet Stranger and Me” (2016). Lee SooHyuk has been part of a lot of love triangle without being able to get the girl in the end.

Among his filmography, we selected 4 dramas where he especially proved his unique vibes in different roles. He managed to steal the heart of the viewers with these characters.


1- “Deep Rooted Tree” – A masked assassin


In “Deep Rooted Tree” (2011), Lee SooHyuk had a catchy supporting role. He was an assassin who fell in love with the girl he held in hostage. With his long hair, mask, and sword, Lee SooHyuk looked mysterious and memorable.


2- “The Scholar Who Walks The Night” – A unforgettable vampire

Lee SooHyuk gained more fame with “The Scholar Who Walks The Night” (2015) where he acted as the vampire Gwi. His role was unforgettable as he portrayed the evil vampire with the perfect charisma. Even if the vampire was a killer, he stole the viewer’s heart with his sincere love for a human.


3- “Lucky Romance” – A cute and pure boy

In “Lucky Romance” (2016), Lee SooHyuk showed other of his colors. He proved he could act a cute and innocent boy perfectly. With his role, he was a likable boy who had feelings for the lead girl.


4- “Sweet Stranger and Me” – A charismatic and cold man

In “Sweet Stranger and Me” (2016), Lee SooHyuk was a charismatic and cold director. He was rich and far from being kind. Here too the smart guy had a one-sided love for the lead girl.