4 Male Lead Characters From Webtoon That Make Readers Fall In Love With Them

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Korean webtoon are popular in and out of Korea. Many have been excited at the announcement of more than 23 webtoons to be adapted into dramas. Don’t forget to check the one announced this year here. We have been constantly updating as more and more are announced, don’t forget to bookmark the list to not miss the update.

However, not all popular dramas have been announced to be remade. Therefore some characters cannot be meet by dramas viewers.

Some characters made webtoon readers fall in love with them. Korean media Insight listed 4 lead male characters from webtoon that make the readers want to jump into the webtoon. These 4 characters are handsome but that is not all! With their handsome visual, they also have a charming personality. They make the hearts of the readers beat.

Here are these 4 webtoon characters that stole the readers’ heart.


1- “Cohabit That Is Knocking Me Over With A Feather”  – Shin WooYeo

The webtoon “Cohabit That Is Knocking Me Over With A Feather” (in Korean “간 떨어지는 동거”) started back in 2017 and has been popular. It has received an average score of 10 points.

It is about a gumiho of 900 years old (Korean nine-tailed fox) and a girl -of 24 years old who has never dated- that got linked to each other by accident. The girl got the gumiho’s fox orb (an orb at the origin of his power) in her body, they have to live together because he has to protect the orb.

Shin WooYeo with his tall height and perfect face stole the heart of the viewers. Find out more about the webtoon here.

“Cohabit That Is Knocking Me Over With A Feather” Webtoon


2- “A Guide To Quick Dating” – JaeHyun & YooYeon

The youth romance webtoon “A Guide To Quick Dating” (in Korean: “바른연애 길잡이”) started in March 2018. This romance comedy webtoon has a solid and interesting plot.

The story of the lead girl who cannot choose between 2 boys. JaeHyun, her sunbae, for who she has fallen at first sight and YooYeon who is helping her.

korean webtoon, handsome webtoon, romance webtoon

“A Guide To Quick Dating” webtoon


3- “Her Favorite Taste” – HoChan

The webtoon “Her Favorite Taste” (in Korean: “취향저격 그녀”) is also on the list.

The lead female character has a one-sided love. Another guy will try to help them date each other. It tells their stories.

HoChan is the male character that makes the female character forgot about her first love. This sunbae is very handsome and he is also very sweet and friendly.

korean webtoon, handsome webtoon, romance webtoon

“Her Favorite Taste” webtoon


4- “Goodbye In-Laws” – Han Eol

The webtoon “Goodbye In-Laws” (in Korean: “굿바이 사돈!”) also had made readers fall in love with the tsundere main male character.

It tells the story of a boy and a girl who are mutual enemies and they become in-laws. They make a time travel to high school times.

korean webtoon, handsome webtoon, romance webtoon

“Goodbye In-Laws” webtoon

Is there any character that you like?