4 Reasons To Start Watching Drama “Vagabond” With Suzy & Lee SeungGi

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“Vagabond” along with “Arthdal Chronicles” is the most awaited K-Dramas in the international community this year. First planned to air in Spring, the premiere was pushed and the drama finally premiered this weekend.

Top Hallyu actors Suzy and Lee SeungGi are the leads along with Shin SungRok. It tells the story of an ordinary man who got involved in a case of a civilian plane crash. In the middle of a hidden truth, he tries to dig up a huge national corruption. It is the story of vagabonds who lost their family, affiliation, and name in a frank and extremely dangerous adventure to discover the truth. For more information, teaser, characters descriptions, and posters don’t forget to check our cast and summary here.

You might hesitate to start the drama, therefore, here are 4 reasons why you should not think twice and start the drama now. This article is based on the first two episodes so be aware of light spoilers.


1- Perfect acting of the main and supporting actors

Lee SeungGi and Suzy are the main actors of the drama. Lee SeungGi is acting as a stuntman who lost his nephew -his only family- in a plane crash. He noticed that there is one passenger from the plane that survived turning the plane crash into a terrorist act.

Suzy is acting as a National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent who is on a secret mission in the Korean Embassy in Morocco. She is pretending to be a dumb intern to hide her identity and collects information.

In the first two episodes, both actors showed great acting skills and immerse viewers in the story with mystery, action, and sorrow.

However, it is not only the main actors who bring a plus to the drama, but the supporting actors also have solid acting. If you are a long-term K-Drama watcher, you will recognize most of the actors. This brings even more anticipation for the next episodes.


2- Well-shot action scenes of stunning scales

The first two episodes mainly have action scenes and … they were breathtaking! The budget and the work behind these are terrific. Have a look at the gif below.


3- Complex and intriguing plot link to politic and arms selling

The plot is quite intriguing and mysterious. For bad guys, to earn money and power, planning an airplane crash is a solution.

In the drama, the main groups of the characters are the families of the deceased passengers, the Blue House, the National Intelligence Service, and arms lobby groups. They are many answers that are yet to be answered and the plot is promising.

vagabond drama, suzy lee seunggi, start vagabond



4- Hint of a complex relationship

The first scene of the drama was Lee SeungGi waiting to kill someone in the middle of the desert and that person turned out to be Suzy! Lee SeungGi was hesitating to shoot her when through his walkie-talkie he received the order to shoot.

This scene is a look into the future if not the last episode. We can’t help but wonder how will they fall in love and how does the situation turn this way. Is Suzy joining hands with the bad guys?