5 Leading Women K-Pop Idols With The Best and Most Gorgeous Red Lips


Red lips have actually been a trending for a while yet there are notable women that can do it much better than anyone.

Stylish yet sexy, choosing the dark red lips make-up appearance can be a strong move for some ladies. And also if it isn’t done effectively, outcomes can be dreadful and also fairly counter-effective.

Below are 5 women idols that reveals how it’s done.

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HyoMin is presently among one of the most preferred women K-Pop idols on Weibo. She may not be as young as several of the present idols, however her standing as a professional idol still proceeds.

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SeolA (WJSN)

SeolA is the interpretation of K-Pop elegance. Oh, and that earpiece actually complements the shade of her lips.

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Labelled to be the country’s sweetie, if there’s ever a discussion before concerning charm and visuals, Bae Suzy is somebody that will certainly constantly be pointed out as she is among one of the most famous charm symbols in K-Pop.

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Is she real? She’s much too gorgeous to be classed as a mere human.

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One can suggest that no other person can have attractive red lips much better than HyunA, as she’s been recognized to shake this specific make-up design the very best regularly.