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will be celebrating their 10th anniversary as a group on July 10 and previously, it was said that they will be performing a special stage of ‘To You 2020″ exclusively on KBS “Music bank”.

It is amazing to see how it has been 10 years since the group had debuted under TOP Media and Kpopmap wants to walk down the memory lane with 5 hit tracks from the group. Many would recall that TEEN TOP is famous for killing their difficult choreography and releasing addictive songs.

Below are 5 songs which we thought are legendary from the group.


#1 Rocking

It is never easy to be able to perfect singing and dancing at the same time but TEEN TOP proved that they are able to do so!

When they had first released ‘Rocking’, their fans, Angels, were amazed by how difficult the choreography was. Even in 2020, many are still amazed by the insane footwork.


#2 To You

It seems like TEEN TOP never disappoints with the crazy footwork and once again, ‘To You’ is also a song that has difficult dance moves. Aside from the choreography, many love catchy and addictive the song is.

They had definitely showed off their unique and youthful charms with the heart fluttering lyrics.


#3 Crazy

Perhaps one reason why TEEN TOP became really famous was because of their unique concept and definitely style of music.

They have their own sense of music taste and when it comes to choreography, they also have dance steps that match really well with the song. ‘Crazy’ is one of their title tracks which many fans still listen even now!


#4 No More Perfume On You

Back then TEEN TOP had just debuted, many were surprised by how young they actually are! 10 years later, none of the members had hit their 30s and the oldest member, C.A.P, is only turning 29 (Korean age) this year!

With that being said, they have a lot of older fans (noona fans) and many could not help but fell for their infectious smiles.


#5 Miss Right

The boys are trying their way to woo a girl who had caught their attention and through this song, they tried to express the feelings they have for her. Their dances are also largely inspired by the moves of Michael Jackson.

Even if you listen to it in 2020, it is definitely a track that will be stuck in your mind for a long time.

Do you have a favourite song from TEEN TOP?

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