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There is no doubt that “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” is one of the hottest dramas of the moment.

Top Hallyu actor Kim SooHyun and actress Seo YeJi are the lead actors. “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” is the romantic fantasy comedy of a caregiver of a psychiatric hospital who refuses to love because of his heavy life’s responsibility and of a fairy tale writer who doesn’t know about love because of the way she was born. The two will meet and embrace and heal each other’s wounds.

The first two episodes aired and it is definitely worth watching! The actors and the plot are just amazing. Here are 6 reasons why you should consider watching “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”.

Be aware of light spoilers from the first episodes.


1- Weak male/strong woman

Seo YeJi is acting as Ko MunYoung, a popular fairy tale writer with an antisocial personality disorder. She is a new type of strong and dark woman in the K-Drama sphere.

Kim SooHyun is Moon KangTae, a caregiver of a psychiatric hospital who lost his parents and is taking care of his older brother who has autism spectrum disorder from a young age. He is soft and kind. At the same time, he looks professional and serious.

The two are quite the opposites and started a complex relationship. She is stronger than him making the drama free of toxic male lead deciding for the female lead.

 6 Reasons To Start Watching K-Drama



2- Intriguing female lead

As just mentioned, Seo YeJi’s character is one of a kind. The elegant and dangerous woman is intriguing to viewers with her unexpected actions. We are definitely looking for more about her character.


3- Huge chemistry

Kim SooHyun and Seo YeJi have such huge chemistry. It is undeniable! Their love story is garnering a lot of excitement for the future episodes. If this is only the start, what will happen next?!


4- Brother bond

Kim SooHyun’s brother Moon SangTae is acted by Oh JungSe (with superb acting!). He has autism spectrum disorder. The two brothers have a strong brother bond making the plot even more attractive.

There are a lot of heart-aching but also heart-warming scenes.

 6 Reasons To Start Watching K-Drama



5- Mental health

The drama main theme is mental health. The subject is usually avoided in K-Dramas. But this time it is major and talked about in a whole new way.

It is not about depression but about diverse mental diseases. Ko MunYoung has antisocial personality disorder and Moon SangTae has autism spectrum disorder. Moon KangTae is working in a psychiatric hospital to help people with numerous mental diseases so viewers are introduced to them.

6- Animation

Ko MunYoung is a popular fairy tale writer and the drama includes a lot of animation in the story. It is visually pretty and interesting.

 6 Reasons To Start Watching K-Drama



Bonus – Fashion of Seo YeJi

For those of you who like fashion or to see pretty outfits in K-Dramas, you will like Seo YeJi’s elegant and pricy outfits.

 6 Reasons To Start Watching K-Drama


 6 Reasons To Start Watching K-Drama



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