7 Hottest Actors Of Kpopmap In 2019

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2019 was full of surprises with interesting K-Dramas. There were new faces that gained popularity along with well-loved top Hallyu actors among worldwide K-Drama lovers.

Kpopmap readers have been interested especially by these 7 actors in 2019. Let us know in the comment if you were also interested in them too.


1- Ji ChangWook

 7 Hottest Actors Of Kpopmap In 2019

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Ji ChangWook is a top Hallyu actor popular all over the world. He was discharged in April 2019 and fans have been eagerly waiting for him. He had been busy with photoshoots and drama “Melting Me Softly“.


2- Lee JongSuk

 7 Hottest Actors Of Kpopmap In 2019

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Lee JongSuk is also a top Hallyu star receiving love from all the corners of the globe. The actor filmed his last drama “Romance is a Bonus Book” in early 2019 and enlisted for his mandatory military service.


3- SF9 ‘s RoWoon

 7 Hottest Actors Of Kpopmap In 2019

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Since his debut, RoWoon had been busy with numerous dramas and TV shows along with SF9 activities. However, this is only in 2019 that he gained popularity. With the drama “Extraordinary You” RoWoon rose to fame.


4- ASTRO ‘s Cha EunWoo

 7 Hottest Actors Of Kpopmap In 2019


Cha EunWoo is popular and this was no surprise that with his 2019 drama “Rookie Historian Goo HaeRyung” he attracted attention. Many fell in love with his cute role of Prince Lee Rim.


6- Lee DoHyun

 7 Hottest Actors Of Kpopmap In 2019

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In “Hotel del Luna“, it was not Yeo JinGoo who interested you -Kpopmap readers- the most but the rookie actor Lee DoHyun. The actor received a lot of spotlight in and out of Korea and gained popularity after the drama.


7- Song Kang

 7 Hottest Actors Of Kpopmap In 2019

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Song Kang acted in “Love Alarm” which was one of the popular dramas of 2019 (he also acted in “When the Devil Calls Your Name“). His flower boy looks captivated and many have been looking forward to his next project.


8- Park JiHoon

 7 Hottest Actors Of Kpopmap In 2019


Park JiHoon is popular since “Produce 101” Season 2 and his debut in Wanna One . The acting-dol acting in the drama “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency” gained a lot of interest.