7 Reasons Why INFINITE’s L Is The Angel That Make Us Fall In Love In “Angel’s Last Mission: Love”

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INFINITE‘s L also called Kim MyungSoo (real name) for his acting activities is starring in the airing drama “Angel’s Last Mission: Love”.

It tells the unpredictable fantasy romance of a strong ballerina that has no interest in love and a trouble maker angel who claims to be Cupid. For more information, poster, teaser you can check our cast and summary here.

In the drama L is a Kim Dan, a trouble maker angel. His character has endless charms and viewers fell head over heels for him.

Here are 7 reasons why INFINITE’s L as Kim Dan stole our hearts from the first episodes of the drama. Be aware of spoilers.


1- Relatable 

Shin HyeSun as Lee YeonSeo is rather a scary, cold, aggressive and yet complex character. At her house, she is harsh with her employees and she scolds them severely -she has her reasons for it. There are a few scenes where L has relatable reactions to her screaming.

He gets scared and surprised by her just like the viewers.

He has a hard time to understand why she just destroyed the flower. Why would she?


2- Patient

One of his biggest qualities is patience. Shin HyeSun has her reasons to act like a witch but L is understanding of her situation. He is gentle and forgiving with her.


3- Says What He Thinks

L is patient but not too much neither. He also says whatever he thinks positive and negative. In this scene, he asked “What did I do wrong?” after being rejected at the interview.

Upset to be rejected with bad manners, he started to criticize Shin HyeSun starting by saying “Let me say something”. This guy knows how to express his opinions with style.


3- Funny

L is also entertaining. His character is funny with his mimics and exaggerations. Here, he tries to make his wings disappear by … doing something.


4- Cute

His character is cute and it is hard to deny this point. Here what he does when he is scared.

This is how he walks when he is angry.


5- Sweet

He is a softie angel who cares about animals. He delivers dogs which were about to be sold for eating.



6- Fascinating

Let’s not forget that he is a handsome attractive angel. L is one of the famous “face genius” in the K-Pop world. His visual is stunning and he looks even more mystical with his wings.


7- Protector 

One of the most important reasons why he stole our heart is that he saved Shin HyeSun’s life twice in blow minding scenes!

Are you also in love with L? Did you start the drama?