7 Solo K-Pop Idols Who Are Coming Back In December

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Maroo Entertainment

2019 is almost coming to an end and many K-Pop fans are looking back at how 2019 has been a very blessed years with numerous addictive and lovely tracks released.

Even though 2019 may be ending, it is not stopping K-Pop idols who are also solo artist to make their comeback. Let’s check out who they are!


#1 Gugudan ‘s SeJeong

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Jellyfish Entertainment

SeJeong will be making her official debut as a solo artist with ‘Tunnel’ and many of her fans could not help but talked about how excited they are! ‘Tunnel’ is said to be a track which will comfort people and many are curious to see how it would be. SeJeong will be releasing her new song on Dec. 2, 6 PM KST.

Are you also looking forward to her track?


#2 Baek YeRin

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Blue Vinyl

Fans of Baek YeRin can rejoice too as she will be returning with new music under her independent music label, Blue Vinyl. Many are hyped up as she had previously mentioned that her entire team was at Berlin, gearing up for her comeback.

Make sure to prepare yourself on Dec. 10 for her return.


#3 Kim JaeHwan

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Swing Entertainment

Powerhouse vocal, Kim JaeHwan will also be making his comeback on Dec. 12 with his 2nd mini album “Moment”. Looking at the teaser picture that was released not long ago, it was taken on a bridge across the Han River, making many curious about the concept he was going for this time.


#4 Park JiHoon

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Maroo Entertainment

After his impressive acting in “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency“, Park JiHoon will be returning as a K-Pop idol with his 2nd mini album “360”.  Many are wondering what kind of music he will be returning as his upcoming mini album suggests that he would be showing various sides of him.


#5 Park Bom

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Park Bom Instagram

We also cannot leave out Park Bom who is said to be making a comeback too! Previously, her company D-Nation had also confirmed the news that she will be coming back but no official dates have been released yet.

It is hard to deny that many are waiting for her comeback and so are we.


#6 CL

Another 2NE1 member who will be making December comebacks really competitive is none other than CL. Previously through her social media account, CL had put out teasers in regards her impending comeback.

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걸어 보기도 전에 달리기 시작해 걷는 법도 쉬어가는 방법도 모른 채 13년 동안 많은 걸 이루고, 많은 걸 느끼고 또 많은 걸 배우기도 했습니다. 저 자신을 여러분들과 나눌 수 있는 CL로 살아올 수 있어 행복했고, 또 여러분이 나눠주신 사랑이 저 자신을 다시 채워주었습니다. 13살 채린이처럼, 우리 할머니가 항상 해주시는 말처럼, 씩씩하고 당당하게. 누군가 선택해 주기를 기다리지 않고 다시 CL로 돌아가 하나씩 스스로 해나갈 거에요. 제가 경험한 시간과 추억, 그리고 감정을 함께 나눌 생각에 오랜만에 신이 나고 설렙니다. 이 세상 모든 CL을 위해. 사랑의 이름으로, CL

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Starting from Dec. 4, CL will be dropping 2 songs every week for a total of 3 weeks time!


#8 Lee JunYoung aka U-KISS  ’s Jun

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Many recognise him as U-KISS’s Jun but Jun will be debuting as a solo artist with his birth name, Lee JunYoung on Dec. 5.

His first single album “GALLERY” will mark the beginning of his journey as a solo artist and many fans could not help but feel excited for him. Previously, he has gained attention for his acting in “Class of Lies”.