9 Former And Current K-Pop Idols Who Are Parents

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K-Pop idols are just like us and it is natural one day that they will start a family later in their career. Over the past years, we have seen several K-Pop idols who have become parents.

Some are invited onto shows such as KBS “The Return of Superman” and many viewers and fans get to see how they take care their child.

Let’s find out who they are!


#1-2 F.T. Island ‘s MinHwan & ex LABOUM ‘s YulHee 

 9 Former And Current K-Pop Idols Who Are Parents

Ten Asia

MinHwan and YulHee delivered a healthy son back in 2018 and not long ago, it was said that YulHee is expecting twin girls!


#3 Ex U-KISS ‘s DongHo

After getting married back in 2015 at the young age of 22 (Korean age), DongHo became a father the next year. Despite getting a divorce later in 2018, DongHo had mentioned that he will be taking full responsibility despite ending the relationship with his ex-wife as a couple.


#4 Ex U-KISS’s Eli 

Another ex member from UKISS who is currently a father is none other than Eli. He had his child back in 2016 and since then, he has been showering with his wife and son with overwhelming love.


#5 Ex Wonder GirlsSunYe

Many long time K-Pop fans would recall the time when SunYe announced her departure as well as marriage. She had given birth to her first daughter in 2013 and later another daughter in 2016 and her youngest daughter in 2019.


#6 EXO ‘s Chen

 9 Former And Current K-Pop Idols Who Are Parents

EXO Official Facebook

The soon-to-be father is none other than EXO’s Chen! It was announced abruptly on Jan. 13 that he will be wedding his fiance who is currently pregnant.


#7 After School‘s KaHi 

The former leader and member of After School had also started her family and back in 2016, she had given birth to her oldest son. Later in 2018, she gave birth to her youngest son.


#8-9 Ex Crayon Pop‘s SoYul & H.O.T‘s Moon HeeJun 

 9 Former And Current K-Pop Idols Who Are Parents


Another popular couple that is well known among many K-Pop fans is SoYul and Moon HeeJun! Both of them were blessed with a sweet daughter and later appeared on KBS “The Return of Superman”.