A Hilarious BTS ARMY Cameo Appearance In ‘Hotel Del Luna’

hotel del luna

K-Drama series ‘Hotel Del Luna’, which stars veteran singer-songwriter IU and actor Yeo JinGoo, is currently one of the most watched shows within the K-Pop scene.

On a recent episode of the show (episode 11), the show references BTS in quite a clever and entertaining manner.


The show revolves around the plot where IU and Yeo JinGoo run a special type of hotel, one that was established for the purposes of allowing dead people to stay around before heading to hell or heaven.

On episode eleven, an ARMY who died from a disease appears during a scene where IU and Yeo JinGoo select ghost candidates to be able to appear in the dreams of living people and speak to them. Because the ARMY addresses BTS as “oppas”, they at first assume that the ARMY has several blood-related oppas. They find it a little odd as they continue to listen to the ARMY speak through a telephone, where it is assumed in the drama that everything that is being said is appearing in BTS members’ dreams. The two realize that the “oppas” are singers when the ARMY says that their music gave her so much strength and hope even to her final moments alive. She exits the scene singing ‘Fake Love’.

You can check out the clip below!