AB6IX Was Confused When DaeHwi Left The Stage Of “MMA 2019” After 10 PM

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Did you know that there is a law that forbids minor from appearing on live broadcast after 10 PM in Korea?

Well, it is true and it applies to all K-Pop idols that are not of 20 years old (Korean age). With that being said, many K-Pop idols had to leave the stage during the recently held “Melon Music Award (MMA) 2019” when the clock struck 10 PM.

It is the same for AB6IX ‘s DaeHwi as he was born in 2001.

When he suddenly realized that he had to leave the stage, he left without any words to the other members. DaeHwi had caused the rest of them to look confused after seeing him leaving the stage hurriedly out of the blue.

One fan had recorded the moment and you can watch it below!

The rest of the members only realised where DaeHwi had gone a while later. It seemed like leader YoungMin had first noticed it and then telling DongHyun and Jeon Woong about it later on.

Fans who had saw the moment thought that it was funny to see how they seemed to have ‘forgot’ about the fact that DaeHwi is still a minor.

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AB6IX Official Twitter

AB6IX had received “Hot Trend Award” on MMA 2019.

Did you also notice this adorable moment?