Actor Kang JiHwan Admits To Sexual Assault

kang jihwan

Just recently on July 9th, South Korea was shocked to learn of news reports saying that actor Kang JiHwan sexually assaulted two women in his residence.

According to previous reports, the actor brought two female colleagues back to his house after an agency dinner. The two women stated that they were trapped in his house and attempted to reach the police for help. However, because of a bad signal, they were initially unable to contact anyone for help. One of the women eventually connected to WiFi and sent a text message to an acquaintance asking for help. The police were then called and eventually arrived at the actor’s house to arrest him.

Kang JiHwan originally stated that he had no recollection of any of the events that transpired that night.

However, on July 17th, he admitted to the sexual assault charges brought before him.

As for the drama he was appearing in, ‘Joseon Survival’, he has indefinitely been replaced and will no longer appear in the series.

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