Actor Lee SeungGi Once Had To Explain To Staff Why His Hotel Room Service Fee Included Adult Channels

lee seunggi

So actor Lee SeungGi once found himself in a rather awkward and embarrassing situation in the past.

During his stay at a hotel, he decided to watch some TV because he was tired and also bored. So why not lay on the nice hotel bed and watch some movies?

Of course, things went horribly wrong from the moment he flipped the TV on.


“I guess I should watch TV!”


“I pressed the remote and turned the TV on…!”


He then explained how the channels didn’t even ask for his consent whether he would access them.



Eventually, when it was time to leave, one of the staff members called him over and had to ask:

“Hey SeunGi…come here….I just want to much did you watch??”

Of course, while SeungGi explained why those channels were accessed, it was nevertheless an embarrassing situation for him as well.