Actor Lee SunKyun Clearly Looks Unhappy Over Cristiano Ronaldo’s No-Show Incident

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If there’s any country in Asia that goes absolutely crazy for football and world-class players, it’s South Korea. Which is why the entire nation was thrilled when they heard that Juventus’s star player Cristiano Ronaldo, who formerly played for Real Madrid, was going to visit the country and play against the K-League All-Stars in a friendly match. Unfortunately, the star player ended up warming the benches for the entire game and was no where to be seen on the pitch.

Actor Lee SunKyun, who recently starred in the film ‘Parasite’, which won the Palme d’Or at the 2019 Cannes Awards, was also present during the match in the crowd of spectators.

If you’ve seen the film ‘Parasite’, you might remember his character being annoyed from time to time with that memorable facial expression showing just how irritated he is in a highly pretentious manner.


He clearly didn’t look too happy when he found out that he probably wasn’t going to see Ronaldo play that evening.

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At the moment, news reports say that a lawsuit is currently being ready to be filed against Juventus.

According to the Korea Herald:

“TheFasta, the agency responsible for the event with Juventus, released a statement Saturday claiming that it didn’t know about Juventus’ decision to sit Ronaldo in advance.

According to TheFasta, the agreement contains these sentences:

“(Juventus Football Club) agrees that the Juventus First Team player Cristiano Ronaldo shall play a substantial portion of the match. ‘Substantial portion of the match’ means that Cristiano Ronaldo will play a minimum of 45 minutes of the match.””

Of course, the contract also did say that should Ronaldo sustain any injuries or be in a condition where he couldn’t be on the pitch, he would not have to play.

Juventus’s side has stated that Ronaldo had a muscle problem but the K-League officials have been contending that they have not been told about it.

The match ended in a 3-3 draw, and a handful of South Korean football fans ended up going back home unable to have seen their idol play.

The K-League has asked for financial compensation from Juventus over the recent incident.