‘Aide’ confirms premiere date, releases first stills, teaser, poster


Upcoming political drama Aide has released stills and a teaser and a poster featuring Shin Min-ah and Lee Jung-jae, respectively.

In the stills released on May 9, Shin Min-ah (Tomorrow With You) has transformed into a confident and capable congresswoman with a charismatic gaze. The actress plays the character of Kang Sun-young, a former lawyer and news program host who has entered the world of politics in the hope that she could break ground in legislation with her ideas. After being elected as a congresswoman, she becomes the representative of her political party to the National Assembly.

Meanwhile, in the first teaser and poster released on Friday, Lee Jung-jae (Triple) is shown wearing a black suit with a golden liquid flowing around his body as he fixes his sleeves, giving a vivid contrast between the two colors. The actor plays the role of Jang Tae-joon, a political aide or advisor to a congressman. A graduate from a police academy, he is a former criminal investigator who ends up working at the National Assembly. Amid his successful career, he will seek a higher position in a political office.

Both the teaser and poster bear the premiere date of the drama, June 14.
Directed by Kwak Jung-hwan of Miss Hammurabi and written by Lee Dae-il of Life On Mars, Aide will be broadcast on Fridays and Saturdays, following the conclusion of Beautiful World.

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