Amber Liu Signs Exclusive Contract With New Agency

fx amber

Amber might have left SM but not to worry fans as it’s not over for her just yet.

Former SM Entertainment K-Pop idol Amber Liu, who recently left her long time home agency of twelve years, signed an exclusive contract with a new agency.

Remember Steel Wool Entertainment with whom she signed with back in 2018 for her US promotions?

It turns out that Amber will be staying in the agency for good now.

At the moment, it has not yet been confirmed whether Amber has left both SM and the group f(x) or just the agency. However, given that Victoria has also left f(x) following Amber’s departure from SM, it seems that the group’s hiatus of three years might now just be for good.

Hopefully, there will be good news for f(x) fans in the future as Amber ventures out on a different career path with Steel Wool Entertainment.

Stay tuned for updates!