An Enclosed Elevator and Attraction Leads to Temperature Checks in New Trailer for Melt Me Softly


The connection and attraction between the leads in upcoming tvN drama Melt Me Softly feels so restrained and contained. I guess it stems from the two needing to keep their body temperatures below a certain level so as to not die after being cryogenically frozen for twenty years, or maybe their personalities are already the subtle type. Either or both reasons, I’m so digging Ji Chang Wook and Won Jin Ah in their roles, all eye stares and coiled energy without the usual K-drama emotional outbursts where fighting is a proxy for attraction. The latest teaser trailer has the two in an elevator, always a warmer space especially when filled with people, but they capture the attention so fully with each other an the audience with this crackling aura, all clenched hands and hand in pants pocket type of wanting but holding back.

Melt Me Softly trailer: