AOA’s SeolHyun Spoils “NEW MOON” Comeback By Uploading Short Dance Practice Video Of ‘Come See Me’

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SeolHyun Instagram

AOA is returning with a new mini album “NEW MOON” on Nov. 26 and it seems like everyone is very excited for the release of the new album, even the members themselves.

On Nov. 19, member SeolHyun had decided to tease their fans, ELVIS, by uploading a short clip of them practicing for their title track ‘Come See Me’ on her Instagram.

Take a look for yourself below!

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#날보러와요 #Come_see_me 특급스포..

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Those who had seen the short dance practice video talked about how they were all synchronized and could not wait for their comeback. Others also talked about how good the song already sounded and wished they were able to listen to the full version as soon as possible.

Previously, AOA had also released teaser images and video clips for each individual members. More is expected to be released in the near future!

Are you also excited for their return?