Aori Ramen’s Solution For Declining Business: Cut Off All Ties To SeungRi And Anyone Close To Him

seungri choi jonghoon

Aori Ramen, a franchise that was well known for having former BIGBANG member SeungRi as the face of the company, has recently been doing horribly in terms of business.

But it was inevitable that anything or anyone related to SeungRi would have become casualties to some degree.

The tables and seats that once used to be packed during lunch hours in Aori Ramen stores have reportedly been empty nationwide.


In the midst of this crisis, Aori Ramen’s management released an official statement of apology and an announcement that the company has completely cut ties with SeungRi, meaning even the idol’s family members and close acquaintances who played a party in managing Aori Ramen have been cut off from the business. Meanwhile, the management has also been pleading with their loyal customers to consider the store owners who had no relations to SeungRi nor his recent scandals.