Are You Human Too?: Korean Drama Review

Are You Human too? Korean Drama Review

Are You Human Too? Cast

Nam Shin / Nam Shin III – Seo Kang-Joon
Kang So-Bong – Kong Seung-Yeon
Ji Young-Hoon – Lee Joon-Hyuk
Seo Ye-Na – Park Hwan-Hee
Doctor Laura Oh (Oh Ro-Ra) – Kim Sung-Ryung
Seo Jong-Gil – Yu Oh-Seong
Nam Gun-Ho – Park Yeong-Gyu
Kang Jae-Sik – Kim Won-Hae
Reporter Jo – Kim Hyun-Sook

Are You Human Too? Drama Synopsis

Nam Shin (Seo Kang-Joon) was at an early age when he lost his father and was forced to live with his grandfather. That kept him from living with his mother, Doctor Laura Oh (Kim Sung-Ryung). His mother, a renowned scientist began to miss her son very much. She created a robot and called him Nam Shin and started living with him.

After many years, the adult human Nam Shin is on his way to meet his mother only to be involved in an accident that leaves him in a coma.  So from there, the need to cover up the incident arises and it is necessary for the robot Nam Shin to go to Seoul and pretend to be the human Nam Shin until he wakes up from his coma. He hires Kang So-Bong (Kong Seung-Yeon) as his personal bodyguard.

My Verdict On Are You Human Too?

There are some spoilers in this review so carry along if you don’t mind reading spoilers.

KBS did everything they could to publicize this drama not only in South Korea but worldwide. It was among the most publicized dramas of the year as well as one of the most anticipated. 

I was really interested in this drama when I saw the trailer because of the plot. I thought that this is something new because of the robot that acts almost the same as a human. I honestly did not expect the boring romantic-comedy drama. There’s just too many of that in Korean dramas that watching this drama in the first few episodes felt like just watching any other romantic comedy with a different cast.

Seo Kang-Joon is relatively a newcomer. He is popular and is up to the task with his dual role. I can rightly say that this is going to be a big break for him. He really managed to convince me as a robot impersonating a human without appearing stilted or dull.

Lee Joon-Hyuk’s character, Ji Young-Hoon is such a wonder to behold. He has a good chemistry with Nam Shin and it really shows that he is his confidant.

Kong Seung-Yeon is also a highlight. As Kang So-Bong, she managed to make the character her own. There are some stupid decisions she had to make and those certainly annoy me. The writer of this drama makes her act childish sometimes. Having the robot rescue her is not necessary in my opinion and there are a lot of rescuing going on in this drama. She applied as a bodyguard, not as a girlfriend.

She and the robot Nam Shin have a  pretty good chemistry nevertheless. I can’t believe I’m rooting for the robot. What is wrong with me!? But then again, they did not give much time for the human Nam Shin for the audience to love him. It looks like the human Nam Shin was just introduced at the beginning of the story and then replaced by the robot so the sympathy goes to the robot.

The unexplained behavior of the robot sometimes makes this story unbelievable. Behaving like human is okay because he was really built that way but feeling sadness and love is beyond the concept. Sometimes it feels like this robot has a heart. As the story is not yet finished as of this writing, I won’t be surprised if the robot has really a heart.

Park Yeong-Gyu truly excels once again as a villain you love to hate and Yu Oh-Seong as an adversary is commendable. Park Yeong-Gyu in this drama is fearsome as the antagonist but also look good sometimes as a grandfather when he tries to win Nam Shin over.  

The drama for me has a few logical flaws, scripting issues, and sometimes truly bland and wonky dialogue. The concept itself is interesting and has plenty of opportunities to delve into even more issues. Sadly this is a romance drama, plain and simple. That was my biggest disappointment with this drama, the romance is its strength but also its weakness.

The cinematography is excellent. The special effects are very good and they made good use of the high budget. The scenes filmed in the Czech Republic are fantastic. My favorite setting is Dr. Laura Oh’s house there. It looks relaxing outside with the fantastic landscape and is cozy inside.

The soundtrack, Is it love?, is so good that I can’t get it out of my head.

In conclusion, is it worth it? Yes, if you like romantic comedies.

Are You Human Too? Korean Drama