Arthdal Chronicles Returns for Season 3 with Same 6% Ratings as Previous Seasons


It’s a short 3 week airing for the final third season of fantasy sageuk Arthdal Chronicles, with only 6-episodes left to wrap up the epic tale. Episode 13 aired this Saturday and got 6.115% ratings, a steep drop from its predecessor Hotel Del Luna which averaged 8.867% and its final episode broke 12%. I’m still not feeling the epic-ness of Arthdal and that’s the problem which plagued it from the beginning, all dark murkiness so it was hard to make out what was happening and the weird Neathal make up language with the gutteral utterances that made everyone seem like they were struggling to speak their dialogues and made scenes feel stilted. Things got better when the action moved to the capital Arthdal and right now I feel most interested in the plotting guyliner twin played by Song Joong Ki rather than the upright hero-projecting curly haired flower child twin. I wouldn’t mind a showdown with that twin and his adopted father megalomaniac played by Jang Dong Gun in the end.