ASTRO’s MoonBin Receives Unexpected Kiss On The Cheek In “At Eighteen”

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ASTRO‘s MoonBin is acting as Jung OhJe -a supporting role- in the youth drama “At Eighteen“ with Ong SeongWuKim HyangGi, and Shin SeungHo.

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He has a love line with Kwon DaHwin acted by Kim BoYoon. She immensely loves him and he seems to like her too, however, he does not express his feelings to her. Nothing is completely sure about who his heart belongs to.

The acting-dol showed skilled acting skills with his voice full of affection and warm eyes.

On Episode 10, a cute scene with the two high school students caught the eyes of the viewers. Be aware of spoiler. Here is what happened.

MoonBin and Kim BoYoon were on a school trip. Kim BoYoon found that he was getting too close to another girl by even letting her use his cap. She got upset and refused to talk to him.

He couldn’t let the situation like this so he went to find her in the girls’ rooms (he could be punished if seen there).

Both of then started to talk outside.

MoonBin told her that all the situation was a misunderstanding and that he did not like that girl. Because he only was only close to her.

Then Kim BoYoon asked if he liked her. Embarrassed, he could not answer. This is when the P.E teacher appeared and they hid behind some rocks.

moonbin astro, moonbin drama, moonbin at eighteen


She then took the occasion to give him a kiss on the cheek and told him that she loves him.

moonbin astro, moonbin drama, moonbin at eighteen


The cute scene made us fall in love right away with this adorable and innocent couple! Many are curious about what will happen to them next and know who MoonBin really likes.

Did you like the scene? Who do you think MoonBin likes in the drama?