AXIS’s Multi-Creator Crew, Ambitious Ambition, Will Be Revealing And Debuting 2 Members Simultaneously

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Creative platform, AXIS, will be starting the promotion for its creator crew, ambitious ambition also known as, aa. You can find out more about them here.

On Apr. 10, they released an introductory teaser video called ‘Life is aa journey’ on their official social media accounts.

As a multi-creator crew, the members seek for the way to fulfill their ambition such as becoming a producer, DJ, artist, actor or other dynamic role.

Through the released teaser, fans were able to see that the group has a ‘travel’ concept with various artwork. It was also know that the narration of the video was done by a member called NOAH.

Carrying on, it was also announced that there will be a total of 7 members in the group with 2 of them debuting on Apr. 17! On their debut date, they will also be each releasing a single album.


In addition to how much hard work they have been putting in, fans are curious and could not wait to see which 2 members will be releasing their debut single.

Are you looking forward to their debut?