B.A.P HimChan’s Attorney States He Did Kiss & Make Physical Contact With Woman But Was Consensual

bap himchan

B.A.P member HimChan is currently dealing with accusations of sexual molestation and attended his first court hearing on July 12th, denying the accusation brought forth against him.


The prosecution at the moment has stated that HimChan persistently touched and kissed a woman despite resistance coming from the latter.

However, HimChan’s legal representative has denied the part about the woman resisting HimChan’s advances and has been claiming that everything done was indeed true but under consent.

The alleged incident happened back in September 2018 inside a pension where another B.A.P member was also present. The other unnamed group member has no relevance to the current case.

And at the moment, it is two sides against each others’ word, meaning that the course of the trial will soon reveal which side is telling the truth.

Stay tuned for updates!