Berry Good DaYe Accused Of School Violence, Assault, & Sexual Harassment

berry good daye

It’s only mid-way through the year 2019, and this year has already had so many accusations and controversies left and right.

Just recently, a netizen claimed to have been bullied and assaulted by Berry Good member DaYe in the past. The accusations brought forth the netizen are quite serious, as they involve assault land even sexual harassment.

Below is the claim that has been stated online.

“I am a school violence victim of Kim HyunJung, currently active as DaYe in Berry Good. During that time, I was thirteen years old and in my sixth grade. It wasn’t just me that Kim HyunJung harassed and bullied but others as well. And it also wasn’t just in physical ways that she hurt people, but also but also sexually degrading language as well.”

Nate Pann

The netizen added:

“Just because of the fact that I was close with the guy that she liked, she first began to make me in to an outcast. She tripped me, hit the back of my head and laughed during class, used a broom to brush through my hair, pulled my underwear and encouraged other male students to do the same, and even fondled my breasts.”

Berry Good’s agency has so far denied the accusations and have announced to take legal action against the accuser for defamation and spread of malicious rumors.

However, the accuser has responded back in disbelief and spoke of even more shocking stories of how DaYe even came to the accuser’s house with two of her friends and made her kneel, while hitting the accuser’s head.

The accuser has also stated that DaYe apologized once the accuser’s mother found out and threatened to tell her mother.

At the moment, there still has been no evidence to prove the validity of either parties.

Stay tuned for updates!