Big Hit Entertainment Apologizes For TXT Fandom Name Being Same As Tiffany’s & Asks Fans For Ideas


A while back, TXT’s fandom name being the same as Tiffany’s generated some backlash from fans of the latter.

The fandom name in question was ‘Young One’, which is quite desirable for its simplicity and cool meanings. Big Hit Entertainment released an official apology to fans for not checking if the fandom name was already taken and have also asked TXT’s fans for help in deciding on a new official fandom name.

According to Big Hit Entertainment, the fan who comes up with the name that the agency likes and ends up choosing will win an exclusive polaroid photo of TXT.

The details are shown in the following announcement below.

Big Hit Entertainment

txt tiffany

Big Hit Entertainment

Have any ideas for TXT’s fandom name? Make sure to submit it if you feel like it might work!