‘Big Issue’ releases main posters, new stills featuring Joo Jin-mo, Han Ye-seul


Big Issue is still up for a promotional spree, releasing its main posters and new stills featuring its leads Joo Jin-mo and Han Ye-seul.

Big Issue tells the story of a celebrity photographer who hits rock bottom due to a scandal and starts to pull himself together when an editor from a paparazzi group hires him. The series is headlined by Joo Jin-mo (Bad Guys: City of Evil) and Han Ye-seul (20th Century Boy and Girl), who are playing the photographer and the editor, respectively.

The production team released one poster each for Joo and Han. While both posters have the same concept—the two actors lie down on a pile of photos—the expressions on their faces are very different. Joo Jin-mo looks like he’s about to drown in misery, while Han Ye-seul looks bold and confident.

The production team also released stills with Han Ye-seul in action. She transforms into Ji Soo-hyun, a cold, intelligent, and headstrong leader who is very fashionable. The actress said, “I make sure I create a glamorous and luxurious vibe [for my character] by wearing clothes with bold colors, as well as a lot of suits and dresses.”

Han Ye-seul in stills from 'Big Issue'
Photo Credit: Sports Chosun

While Han Ye-seul is best known for her romantic comedy appearances, her persona as Ji Soo-hyun is something a lot of Korean drama fans should watch out for.

According to Han Ye-seul, “I am not afraid, but rather, I am excited to perform a different character, and this would give me a chance to develop myself as an actress. I’m looking forward to seeing how the viewers will receive my character.” Her character comes out as cold but is actually a warm person on the inside.

Big Issue will premiere on March 6 on SBS.

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