BIGBANG DaeSung Reportedly Trying To Sell His Building

bigbang daesung

According to a news report from South Korean news agency Channel A, BIGBANG member DaeSung has put up his building for sale.

At the moment, the building has been put up for a whopping $33.5million.

The building in question is the building that has been caught up in recent alleged prostitution and illegal business scandal. DaeSung released an official statement not too long ago that he was unaware of what was transpiring within the building as he had to enlist in the military right after purchasing the building. However, a lawyer stated that it was highly improbable that he wasn’t aware of what was going on inside the building while there have also been claims that DaeSung held a meeting with real estate agents and lawyers to discuss possible ways to kick out the tenants responsible for the illegal businesses.

Channel A

So you might be wondering, how did the reporters find out about the building up for sale?

There’s actually quite an interesting story behind it. The reporters pretended to be potential buyers looking for buildings, and called up the broker in charge of mediating the purchasing process.

Reporters learned that the broker prioritized selling the building as quickly as possible.

At the moment, reports have also stated that the authorities are having difficulties in their investigations regarding the alleged prostitution taking place inside the building as the businesses are shutting down at a rapid pace.

Stay tuned for updates!