BIGBANG DaeSung Reportedly Was Aware Of Alleged Illegal Businesses Being Conducted Inside His Building

bigbang daesung

According to South Korean news agency Kookmin Ilbo, a lawyer who was present during a meeting between real estate agents, lawyers, and BIGBANG member DaeSung, stated that the K-Pop idol was completely aware of alleged illegal businesses being run inside the building he purchased.

Just recently, DaeSung’s name appeared in the headlines when various news reports claimed that solicitation of prostitutes and other illegal businesses were being conducted inside a building he purchased back in 2017.

Below is a photo of the building, which is located in the Gangnam district of Seoul, South Korea.


According to lawyer “A”, DaeSung was aware of some of the building’s tenants practicing unlawful business. The lawyer stated that DaeSung held a meeting with real estate agents, consultants, and lawyers, in order to find out whether he would be held accountable by the law should the illegal businesses be exposed or caught by the authorities.

In addition, the lawyer also stated that DaeSung asked if he would be able to kick out some of the tenants once he became the owner. Unfortunately, not even the building owner has the power to unilaterally kick tenants out.

YG Entertainment has not yet released an official statement.

Stay tuned for updates!