BIGBANG SeungRi’s Club Was Registered As Retail Store To Avoid High Taxes


BIGBANG member SeungRi, who is currently being investigated for soliciting prostitutes for business investors along with other possible connections to the Burning Sun scandal involving alleged use of date rape drugs, apparently registered his club Monkey Museum as a retail store instead of an entertainment establishment in order to avoid paying higher taxes.


In the past, several people have filed reports and complaints about Monkey Museum, leading to the establishment being suspended. However, Monkey Museum continued to operate while paying fines. And even though that it was very evident to see that the establishment was in violation with South Korea’s tax laws, the Gangnam district officials claimed that they found no direct evidence that suggested that Monkey Museum was in violation of the law, and stated:

“When we went to Monkey Museum for inspections, we found that there was no open space of any sort like clubs for customers to dance in.”

After further investigations, it was also revealed that Monkey Museum wasn’t the only establishment that was taking advantage of the law. 14 out of 21 establishments within the area were doing the exact same thing. There were bars and clubs that were registered as retail stores and restaurants, instead of an entertainment establishment.

While an entertainment establishment must pay higher taxes, restaurants and retail stores pay significantly less. For example, entertainment establishments would have to pay around 1.9 million KRW if profit equals around 10 million KRW, whereas the other establishment would have to pay around 900,000 KRW.