BLACKPINK Actually Might Not Have Been Called BLACKPINK But These Other Names


YG Entertainment

While we know that BLACKPINK actually originally had a five-member lineup before the debut line up was set, it’s also interesting to hear that the group actually had a few other names that they could have ended up with.

BLACKPINK’s JiSoo once revealed this fact during a past interview.

One of the names was PinkPunk. Doesn’t exactly have the same ring to it as BLACKPINK, that’s for sure.

Another one was Baby Monster. We’re quite glad that YG Entertainment didn’t stick with this one either because while it’s quite cute, we’re not sure if it would work as a group name on the long run.

Another name option was Magnum.

The name Magnum actually did circulate around fans of YG Entertainment idol groups in the past as well, especially when the survival program ‘YG Treasure Box’ was airing.

BLINKs are quite glad that BLACKPINK ended up as BLACKPINK and nothing else.