Boy Group 14U Disbanded Due To Member Having Inappropriate Sexual Relationship With Female Agency Official

14u kpop

According to South Korean news agency Xports News, the reason why K-Pop idol group 14U disbanded was due to one of the members having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a female agency staff member.

Xports News

The rookie idol group, made up of members E.SOL, LuHa, GoHyeon, B.S, Loudi, EunJae, WooJoo, DoHyuk, HyunWoong, Hero, Rio, SeJin, GyeongTae, Gun, and DoYool (former), first gained attention beginning sometime around July 2017, after being active in Japan.

The group suddenly disbanded in April 2019 when it was reported that thirteen out of the fourteen total members had their contracts terminated.

At the moment, the identity of the group member who has allegedly had a sexual relationship with an older female agency official has not yet been revealed. According to reports, the group member was in his late twenties and the woman was in her late thirties, and other staff members eventually found out.

The group member and the female official have stated that they were “in love”.

However, after news broke out, the families of the group members demanded that the group members’ contracts be terminated.

The agency’s head has responded to the news by saying that the news were just rumors that never happened and were highly exaggerated while explaining that the contracts were terminated because each individual members wanted to walk different paths in their careers.